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About kianniroo company

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Kianniroo company was founded in September 1996 with the aim of the electrical and instrumentation projects .

The first step of company in the field of building projects

In 1999 a contract with Arak refinery company picked up their first steps in the implementation of construction projects

Imam Khomeini refinery project

In this work, and in 1389 a new contract implementation and construction of electrical and instrumentation (Unit20 Tankage Unit) refinery company was also responsible. Over more than a year now Kian force with more than 100 technical personnel, administrative and management are involved in the project.

Activities to reduce road accident

The years 1380 to 1387 the Department of Transportation to reduce road accident to define the lighting project. The company won contracts for the construction of more than 50 km of road lighting and EPC contract.

Experiences Company Founders

Based on the experience of the founders of the company's projects in the oil industry, the company was able to conclude contracts in the field of medium voltage lines, low voltage, and the implementation of its action

ISO9001-2000 certification

In 1385, due to development projects, the company felt the need for a system works, and consequently the efforts of the staff and manager of the company, it succeeded in 1386 ISO9001-2000 certificate of the IMQ companies

Cooperation with the Western Electric Company

In 1387 a contract with Western Electric Company in the implementation of the 63 kV line, four-circuit Mhlat- Khomeini and neighborhoods - Stagecoach new trend in the construction and implementation of distribution lines and distribution company to take shape.

Cooperation with other organizations